Localized flex login using the Swiz framework

7 03 2009

After reading some blogs about a relative new Flex framework called swiz, i decided to try it out some time. Swiz is a framework. started by Chris Scott, that aims to bring complete simplicity to RIA development.

To get some feeling with the framework i started to work out a login example i found on the blog from Sönke Rohde, which uses a utility for mocking service calls, which also can be found in the swiz framework. For my own example i used the following snapshot swiz-0.0.5-010609.swc with mediator and event type checking support, but decided to extend the login sample with some runtime localization features.

These localization features consist of some xml-files which can be loaded during runtime and are used for translating labels and fault messages (bad credentials).

During development of the new example i found out that the mockutility in the framework only returned a result. In a real-life application faults will occur so i copied the sources of the swiz framework TestUtil class into a new class called MockUtil and added my own mockFault and mockFaultEvent methods.

The sources of my extended login example can be downloaded here (swiz library not included!). The assets/data/users.xml file contains the mock data for the login and can be modified with your own user credentials. The assets/locale directory contains sub-directories with the localization files used.




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