CKEditor On Air: Part 2

2 08 2010

In the first part of this serie i explained the steps needed to run the CKEditor in the Adobe Air runtime and how to load data from actionscript to the CKEditor instance running in Air.

This part explains how to send the data from the CKEditor instance back to the Air application, using a new CKEditor plugin called airsave. The sources for this part are available as an update to the sources of part 1.

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CKEditor On Air

15 07 2010

Although Adobe has provided a new (opensource) Text Layout Framework with the release of Flashplayer 10 and Adobe AIR 1.5, i am more curious whether it was possible to use a javascript editor like the CKEditor within for example Adobe AIR.

After some searching on the web, i found out that it should be possible to use javascript/html editors like CKEditor within Adobe AIR, but little info was available on how to do that.

So this blog post describes the steps i have made to successfully integrate the CKEditor with Adobe AIR, called CKEditorOnAir. Download for full example code.

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Fileupload using Zend AMF, RemoteObject and Flash 10

19 04 2009

In one of my earlier posts i described a method for uploading files using the RemoteObject class found in the Flex SDK. For the “back end” i used the still very popular amfphp implementation of the AMF protocol.

Wade Arnold the maintainer of amfphp is also involved in another implementation of the AMF protocol which is shipped with the Zend Framework. After reading some blog posts about this “new” package called Zend_Amf, i decided to give it a try.

Download for full example code.
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Fileupload using AMFPHP, RemoteObject and Flash 10

15 03 2009

File upload with Adobe Flex is a common asked feature for lots of applications. There are several posts on the internet to be found which explain, in detail, how to do this.

Most of these examples however uses the http protocol to transport the binary data. With the arrival of the Adobe Flash 10 player and the new FileReference features that comes with it, it is now also possible to upload a file via a RemoteObject service call.

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RemoteObject using AMFPHP and Actionscript 3

6 09 2008

In my daytime job i am currently involved with a Flex3/BlazeDS project.The question arises to me quickly if it was possible to use Actionscript 3 RemoteObject classes with a PHP back end. A quick search with Google showed me some examples where Flex mxml in combination with amfphp 1.9 was used. This particular version of amfphp has support for AMF3 messaging protocol and therefore can be used natively with AS3 RemoteObject.

In my example i wanted to do something different by using AS3 RemoteObject classes and creating Channels at runtime, so no server-config.xml is needed during compile time.

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